Ben Warren

Ben_FPVRC Hobby background

I started in RC at the age of 5 when I received my first RC car. I stayed with RC cars up until about the age of 16 when Girls and Real cars took over. I used to race at a local club and a few events across the UK.
I took a break from RC until approx 2004 when I was living in Malaysia an met another English expat who was into RC Helicopters and needed a mechanic. So in exchange for wrenching on his helis he gave me my own!
I flew Exclusively helis for a several years even though I’m not a great Heli pilot. If anyone asks me what my flying style is I tell them its more like “Flying Miss Daisy”. I designed and sold my own Upgrade carbon fiber frames for the Gaui Hurricane 425/550 called Head Hunter Heli’s, culminating in Kyle Stacy doing some test flying for me in 425 form. When we moved to Qatar in the Middle east I flew helis for a short time but then got into planes with a Bixler. I also got in Multirotors about the same time building the original MultiWii using parts from hacked Nintendo Wii controllers. I also got in FPV shortly after experimenting with 900Mhz and then 5.8Ghz
Planes and multirotors have been my main hobby for a few years now, I took a small break from multirotors and have recently now got back into it.
I really enjoy designing and building my own models and with Dollar Tree Foam board for planes and laser cut plywood for Multirotors its a lot of cheap fun.

RC interests
Anything RC apart from Tanks and Boats, they don’t really do it for me.
Designing and building models, I enjoy the technical aspect of the hobby as much as, if not a little more than, the actual flying.

RC Fleet

  • Currently Flying FrSky having recently switched from Spektrum. So far I’m loving it!
  • Planes
  • 3DHS 68ich Velox with 20cc DLE Gas engine
  • Thunder Tiger eHawk 1400 (almost finishd)
  • CAB Models Mustang (Chris Boultinghouse designs) (not yet built)
  • K&A Models Spitfire (Not yet built)
  • 25 year old Delta Wing Slope Soarer. Will convert to electric power (eventually)


  • Simple Copter T Copter
  • Home Built Mini Tricopter
  • Nano QX quad copter


  • None 🙁

Favorite thing about the RC hobby
The people, The technology

Other interests/hobbies
Custom Cars and Bikes. Motor Sports