We’ve got Stickers!

RC Today Show Window StickerThanks to the generous donations of our listeners, we now have RC Today Show vinyl window stickers! Everyone who has already donated will be receiving a sticker for helping us buy the first batch, and from here on out anyone who donates $7 or more will receive a nifty RC Today Show vinyl window sticker as a token of our appreciation.

There won’t be a show this week since Bobby and James are at the 2011 IRCHA Jamboree! I didn’t go, so drop on by the forums and chat with me and other listeners or leave a message at our Google Voice number (919-443-5972) and tell us how your flying goes this weekend.

In other news, the RC Today Show is also now available in the Blackberry Podcast app for those of us who do not look like an Android or live on Apples alone. 😉

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