Cody Wojcik

Personal background:

I grew up in Taxachusetts/Cow Hampshire and spent my summers at my dad’s bicycle frame shop building airplanes, driving/breaking/fixing RC cars, and removing skin from my appendages by falling off of skateboards. I raced 1/24 scale slot cars with my dad at a local track and developed a bit of a competitive mindset doing that. Growing up and through high school I worked on my old Jeep, computers, and hung out with friends near the NH/MA border. In the fall of 2006 I entered Worcester Polytechnic Institute and got my degree in the fall of 2010 in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Mechanical Design. During that time I was able to work on many exciting academic projects including the Formula SAE racecar. Since graduating, I have worked at a small company in southern NH who makes products for the laser industry.

RC background:

I started flying RC when I was about 12 years old in the good old glow-powered 72 mhz days. I enjoyed learning to fly for a summer, and then flying the old airplanes my dad had kept since the 70’s. After that time I worked into 3D and IMAC mostly, with planes ranging from 40 sized profiles to 80cc gas planes to 150cc IMAC aircraft. Over the course of about 6 years I worked through the IMAC classes and started flying Unlimited in 2009. In 2010 with more free time and money available I started to fly a bit more and take on some sponsorships and really embrace all that the hobby has to offer. Since then I have been able to really take advantage of what the hobby has to offer and have been fortunate enough to work with the best companies in the business


  • Extreme Flight RC
  • Twisted Hobbys/RCFactory
  • Desert Aircraft
  • Spot-On USA/Secraft USA/Savox through Aztech Aeromodels
  • Weatronic
  • Castle Creations

RC Interests:

  • IMAC
  • Competition freestyle/artistic aerobatics
  • 3D/XA flying for fun
  • Design
  • FPV
  • 3D helicopters
  • Sailplanes

Fleet (I have too many damn toys to list but I’ll give the main things I fly):

  • Twisted Hobbys Crack Turbo Beaver, Crack Yak, Crack Pitts/Crack Pitts Mini, Crack Laser, MXS-C, Crack Yak SuperLight, 4 more prototypes
  • ExtremeFlight 60″ Laser EXP
  • ExtremeFlight 91″ Yak 54 EXP
  • ExtremeFlight 104″ Extra 300
  • Carden 118″ Extra 330S
  • Dalton 123″ Extra 300 MEL (in build)
  • PAU 50cc Pitts Challenger, electric
  • Libelle DLG
  • T-rex 450
  • Sebart Mig 29 3D EDF

Favorite thing about RC:
The euphoric feeling you get driving home in the dark after an awesome evening/day of flying

Other hobbies:

  • Computers/gaming/video editing
  • Mountain biking
  • Snowboarding