Improve Your Landings

LandingPatternIf you are struggling with your landings, perhaps these tips will help you improve!

  • Start your downwind leg by flying parallel to the runway, far enough out that you can make your base and final turns comfortably without exceeding a 45 degree bank angle
  • Reduce power when the model is directly across from your position, and allow the model to start descending.
  • As you make your turn from downwind to base, let the nose drop somewhat. Don’t let it build up too much speed, but you want to keep your energy up to avoid a stall.
  • As you turn from base to final, it’s going to look as if you are heading directly towards yourself! If you can see much of the side of the model, you are too far out and will likely miss the runway. Only when it gets closer should you begin to see the side of the model.
  • Use the elevator to adjust the speed of the model, and throttle to adjust the descent rate. Pulling back on the elevator will NOT extend your glidepath! Only adding power will do this. Remember, when flying your approach the elevator controls airspeed, throttle controls altitude.
  • As you clear the end of the runway pull power all the way out and ease back on the elevator to flare for landing.

There, you’ve done it! A perfect landing. Now throttle up and do it again. And again. And again….

This Ten Minute Tip (TMT) is from RC Today Show Episode 094. If you wish, you canĀ download the MP3 file for just this TMT here.