Learn Autorotations

This Ten Minute Tip features our friend Curtis Youngblood, who shares his knowledge of autorotations. Also be sure to check out this YouTube video in which Curtis narrates and demonstrates autorotations.

Summary of Curtis’ advice:

  • Always use a method, for consistency when practicing. In other words, follow the same approach each time.
  • Always auto into the wind.
  • Pick an altitude high enough for the auto to work, but not so high you can’t see it.
  • Start by just reducing collective and do a ‘pretend’ auto in normal mode.
  • Don’t apply too much negative pitch to descend.
  • Stop your practice autos fairly high, and just bring it into a hover.
  • Autos do not have to be a dramatic, drastic maneuver.
  • If doing an inverted auto, do not alter your collective during the roll transition to upright.

This Ten Minute Tip (TMT) is from RC Today Show Episode 096. If you want to hear the entire discussion, you can download the MP3 file for just this TMT here.