Tuning the Blade 130X

Chris takes this episodes’s Ten Minute Tip and tells us how he’s got his 130X set up and tuned for maximum enjoyment.

First, Here is a complete list of aftermarket parts currently installed:

  • Metal tail pitch slider
  • Lynx main blades
  • Lynx landing gear
  • HP08s motor
  • Lynx bearing kit
  • Metal A + B gears (OEM)

Everything else is totally stock and is working fantastically well. The bling bits previously installed on it caused nothing but headache, so they are sitting in a bag.  It’s gone through two sets of cyclic servos in several hundred flights (and many many crashes). This latest set has lasted well, and are given a shot of Deoxit every 15 or 20 flights.

There are three flight modes with throttle curves and cyclic and tail to throttle mixing. There is no ‘normal’ mode as most know it, instead I use throttle hold to start/stop the motor. Start off in ‘normal’ and fly till you hear the headspeed drop then flick to FM1, then FM2 (flat 100%). This provides a more constant headspeed during the flight and helps with the cyclic and collective timing.

Speaking of collective, I have also tweaked the collective curves so the feel more closely matches my bigger helis, and that helps transition between them easier.

Here are the radio settings, or you can download my DX8 model file.

Throttle curves:

  • N: 83-73-65-73-83
  • FM1: 100-86-80-86-100
  • FM2: flat 100

Pitch curves (all modes):

  • 0-20-50-80-100

Mixing (Normal and FM1 only): 

  • Cyclic > Thro
  • Ail > Thr L and R, +27
  • Ele>Thr U and D, +27
  • Rud>Thr L 0, R +5

Servo Setup:

  • Pitch travel set to 110% on both ends


  • 100% D/R, 25 Expo on Ail Elev, 100/20 on Rudder

The Lynx landing gear is great, btw. Very visible and being semi transparent it really glows in the late afternoons. The Lynx bullet blades are fantastic, my favorite blades so far (even better than stock bullets).

And of course, it still has my lovely Plasti Dipped canopy, which has survived the most brutal treatment you can imagine with only a few spots of road rash from crashing in the street.

This Ten Minute Tip (TMT) is from RC Today Show Episode 103. If you wish, you can download the MP3 file for just this TMT here.